Whit Jones

School: Carleton College
Organization: Energy Action Coalition
Location: Washington, DC
Interest Area: Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

Whit Jones's Posts

President Obama just addressed the climate crisis live on MTV to thousands of young voters — WE BROKE THE #CLIMATESILENCE!!

We still have a lot of work to do — we need candidates to not only break the silence, but to stand up to fossil fuels and advance bold climate solutions.

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I'm writing from Charlotte, NC where the Democratic National Convention is in full-swing.

You can feel it in the convention hall, in the streets, and on Facebook--the pressure is mounting for Duke Energy to stop playing dirty politics and dump ALEC for funding voter suppression.

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One of the nation’s biggest polluters is playing dirty politics — and this week we have a chance to stop them.

The largest utility in the country, Duke Energy, is a major backer of ALEC — the right-wing policy group promoting voter suppressions laws to keep YOU and millions of others from voting. These outrageous laws are a direct attack on our democracy and our right to vote.

Tell Duke: You can’t suppress our vote, stop funding ALEC!

Next week, the Democratic National Convention is being hosted in Duke Energy’s hometown of Charlotte, NC. With thousands of elected officials and the media in Charlotte, we can blow the lid off Duke’s dirty antics, and demand they stop funding ALEC and voter suppression.

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