Whit Jones

School: Carleton College
Organization: Energy Action Coalition
Location: Washington, DC
Interest Area: Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

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Here at the PowerUp! Student Divestment Convergence we just heard an incredible panel on "Resisting Fossil Fuels: Voices From The Frontlines."

Check out the livestream recording and read the incredible letter below from frontline community activists and organizations that are fighting the direct impacts of fossil fuels.

Dear students,

We write to you from the front lines. Some of our communities have been fighting the fossil fuel empire for generations. Others have only recently joined this struggle. We send our support and gratitude for leading this fossil fuel divestment campaign. This is a mighty cause you are joining: challenging some of the biggest threats humans have ever seen and committing to what must become a global movement.

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Last Thursday night, we had a very big call.

Over 100 grassroots leaders from across the country hopped on the phone for a high energy conversation about all of the epic action coming up, including the Feb. 17 #ForwardOnClimate Rally, and the PowerUp! Divestment Convergence.

The major theme: we’ve got ambitious goals for the year.

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There’s one vote on climate and clean energy this election that’s pretty clear and simple: Michigan’s renewable energy ballot initiative, Proposition 3. And right now, it needs our help.

Prop 3 is being called “the most important clean-energy vote this year” because it would substantially boost the state’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES) and help further develop Michigan’s clean energy economy, bringing much needed jobs to the state.

Not surprisingly (but still outrageously), dirty energy utilities and fossil fuel-funded front groups are spending million of dollars to defeat Prop 3, running misleading Ads, producing faulty reports and spreading disinformation about the initiative. And it’s not just from in-state utilities, Canadian pipeline company Enbridge, which dumped nearly 1 million gallons into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River in 2010 and the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (a coal industry front group) also contributed to the campaign to defeat Proposition 3.

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