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Earlham College Students Fundraise to Come to Power Shift

Guest post by Alexandra Costakis, Climate and Clean Energy Organizer, National Wildlife Federation

Like hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation, Earlham College, Indiana is fundraising to send students to the Energy Action Coalition’s Power Shift 2011 conference in DC this spring. With the conference on April 15- 18 and rapidly approaching, they’ve come up with a unique way of raising awareness and funds at the same time- Cookie sales.

In years past, students have relied heavily on grants from their campus departments, presidents, or student government; this year, however, alternative sources of funding have become extremely important. Earlham College has most definitely embraced this sentiment and had a lot of fun with the fundraising idea they came up with.

Updates from Ohio

Guest post from Becca Oden, Volunteer, Ohio Student Environmental Coalition

Ohio organizersThe standard piece of poster board clenched between my mitten-covered hands communicated our message to Representative Boehner: “Protect Our Clean Air". A commonly dismissed platitude from environmental groups, this phrase was displayed in direct response to the proposed budget supported by Rep. Boehner and his office. This budget will cut funding for the EPA and other federally funded programs.

The EPA protects not just the environment by monitoring carbon emissions and toxic waste dumping but also protects individuals from negative health effects associated with smog. Asthma rates for Ohioans are far above the goals of the 2010 Healthy People Goals for Asthma, according to the Ohio Asthma Coalition. Asthma is aggravated and triggered by pollutants, especially in children, and lack of regulation by the EPA could result in the rise of this chronic illness in our communities. This is only one potential consequence from this proposed budget cut.

Tonight: Organizing for a Greener Michigan

Power Shift Grand RapidsGuest post by Alexandra Costakis, Climate and Clean Energy Organizer, National Wildlife Federation

This Friday 3/18 at 7pm in the John F. Donnelly Conference Center, Aquinas College is hosting a city-wide Power Shift 2011 event for students and community members across Western Michigan.

College students from the greater Grand Rapids are hoping to get the most out of their experience at the Power Shift conference this year and are coming together to consolidate their efforts and look to building local campaigns and projects that will make the city a more sustainable and green place. The event this Friday represents the first step toward this goal.

Grand Rapids second ward city commissioner Ruth Kelly will be starting out the event with some inspirational words and ideas for how students in the area can get involved with the city’s next green project. Group breakouts immediately following the speakers will allow attendees to talk further about their goals for the city and what skills and knowledge they hope to bring back from the Power Shift conference.