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Organization: Online Deputy Director, Power Shift
Location: Washington, DC

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Ohio Works to Move Past Coal

Things are really heating up on the ground across the Midwest. Earlier this week, Joe and Nick (Power Shift organizers in Michigan) shared their stories from recent actions they've taken on the ground. They followed Rep. Fred Upton throughout his district "listening tour" and even stormed City Hall to tell their elected officials Michigonians cannot be bought.

Now, we're getting more great news out of Ohio: Ohio University has announced it will move beyond coal by the year 2016. The university is currently considering options for a new heating plant as an energy source to power the campus. OU currently uses coal powered plants to heat all of it's buildings, but the plants are quickly reaching the end of their useful lives, in addition lacking modern pollution controls.

What's Happening with the Clean Air Act?

The Clean Air Act just cannot seem to get a break lately. The now infamous Upton-Inhofe bill has made it out of Committee and is looming in the Congress waiting for a vote. Now, a three-pronged attack of the forty-year act has begun in the Senate and a vote is expected soon.

Furthermore, the White House announced Wednesday that expansions of offshore drilling and coal mining. Reports broke Thursday morning that President Obama may cave to Big Polluters and accept budget amendments that would strangle the EPA and its budget.

However, we are not going to let that be our legacy on this planet.

Activists Catch Upton Off-Guard

Last week, Congress was on recess. However, that didn't mean our work to stop the GOPs anti-EPA bill could rest.

Rep. Fred Upton returned to Michigan where he's embarked on a 16-stop "listening tour" across the state. Tuesday morning he was met with questions from youth climate activists questioning Upton on his full-scale assault on the Clean Air Act.

Appearing at six different stops (and asking questions at four), the activists questioned why Upton supports stripping the EPA of these rights when 61% of Upton's constituents oppose Congress's efforts to block the EPA from updating their air standards. They asked questions about Upton's support of Yucca Mountain and his acceptance of $765,000 in campaign contributions from Big Polluters.