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Organization: Online Deputy Director, Power Shift
Location: Washington, DC

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Reel Power Films: Gasland screening tonight

“We’re here at Power Shift. We get down to business. We get down to action.”

- JOSH FOX, Director of GASLAND



TOMORROW: Demand Big Polluters Pay

Power Shift is all about building a movement to take action, right?

Well, before attendees even began registering, eight students (with help from Peaceful Uprising) from Maine, California, and Michigan took action in our House of Representatives disrupting the GOPs budgetary discussions. They sang:

"Oh why can't you see, It's my life that's at stake
When you sell out our world, You are stealing my future
Can you look in my eyes, As you gamble our lives
When will you stop the lies, So that we can survive?
If you represent me, Not the fossil fuel industry
You must stop wasting time, Chasing your dollar signs
Oh, say will you listen to, Our generation
If you refuse to hear us now, Then we have to shut you down"

Backstage at Power Shift 2011!

I love music. I love that feeling of waiting anxiously in anticipation for my favorite band to go on stage and wow me with their performance. I already know the songs, I already know the messages, but I still love the performance.

That's kind of how I've felt about the keynote speakers at Power Shift. We all know the gist of what the speakers are going to say -- they're going to tell us that we're leading this movement, that we need to make change happen, and that now is the time. Yet it's still exhilarating because it's all about the delivery, the performance, and the emotional power put forth by speakers like Bill McKibben, Van Jones, and Phaedra Ellis-Lamkin.

Tonight, I had the opportunity to take the stage at Power Shift. You saw staff come on stage and do a little dance, but, what you didn't see was what happened back stage.