Rob Friedman

Organization: Natural Resources Defense Council
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Interest Area: Building Political Power

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Big scary question: What’s your vision for the future of the planet? I think about mine a lot. I come at my work from many different angles, but my primary focus and interest is on building a future that looks like a lot like an ecosystem. In a healthy ecosystem, plants, animals, fungi and other organisms work together and rely on each other for survival regardless of their species or preferred communication style.

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Last Friday night I went to the supermarket to buy several five gallon jugs of water. Being a longtime environmental advocate, it felt wrong to be buying bottled water.  But more than that, it felt strange to be buying water to meet the drinking needs of fellow Americans. Many assume that in the wealthiest country in the world, everyone has access to all of the potable water they could ever need. But that’s not necessarily true for many people living in shale country. The next day, I and 30 New York college students would be visiting Pennsylvania to see how fracking is threatening American communities and, more immediately, to deliver clean drinking water to people that have been living without it for some time.


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Two weekends ago we stood together at Power Shift chanting that we believe that we will solve the climate crisis by ending our dependence on fossil fuels and transitioning immediately to 100% clean energy. It is clear that, as a movement, we are becoming more coordinated, more committed and more resilient. But that does not mean that we are winning just yet. It is going to take a massive and unprecedented groundswell of public support for action on climate across this country, whether it’s in the South Side of Chicago, the shale and coalfields of Appalachia or the California coast.  A major feature of this future we are all fighting for is securing strong carbon pollution regulations.

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