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On Friday, in conjunction with the first Michigan State Board of Trustees meeting, MSU Greenpeace held a mock funeral for their beloved mascot, Sparty the Spartan, who was a victim of dirty coal.

Students entered the Hannah Administration Building dressed in black, wearing white flowers, and singing songs of remembrance for Sparty and their university, which decided to continue using dirty coal instead of transitioning to 100 % clean, renewable energy. Students gathered around a life-sized coffin where they laid their mascot to rest. They then proceeded to Sparty's final resting place, underneath a statue on campus.

Jordan Lindsay, a sophomore in MSU Greenpeace, said that this semester kickoff event is “a message to the administration that continuing to burn dirty coal at the school’s T.B. Simon coal plant could tarnish the university’s image of being a forward-thinking, innovative university.” MSU’s campus coal plant is the largest on-campus coal plant in the nation, burning over 200,000 tons of dirty coal every year.

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Students are taking action against dirty coal and I am STOKED!

I just hopped off the phone with student leader Ruby Roknic at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. At Power Shift, Ruby and SIUC students learned about the impacts of dirty coal. Upon returning to Carbondale, Ruby visited the coal fields destroying southern Illinois. 

Coal is a big player in Southern Illinois. In fact, SIUC has a dirty coal plant on campus, burning nearly 50,000 tons of coal each year. The campus also has a coal research center.

Rather than let Big Coal dominate their future on and off campus, SIUC students took action this week.

Yesterday, 15 students with the SIUC Environmental Coalition took a stand against dirty coal, dropping dead in the middle of campus. The local paper and campus paper quickly covered the event.

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Michigan State Earth Day Rally

On Earth Day, Michigan State University students and community members marched and rallied with climate activist Tim DeChristopher at the steps of Michigan State’s Hannah Administration Building, eagerly awaiting an announcement from the University to stop burning dirty, dangerous coal on campus and transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

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