Abby Fenton

School: Earlham College
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Interest Area: Campus Action & Sustainability

Abby Fenton's Posts

Check out this great blog from Lucy West, fresh off the bus from her trip with YEA! MN to the People's Climate March:

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Written by Natalie Cook, YEA! MN Program Coordinator for the Will Steger Foundation

We have wrapped up a fantastic year at YEA! MN.  Our students have wrestled with big issues, learned about organizing, and 606 taken action on projects they care about; all while going to high school, doing their homework, and participating in other community and extra curricular work.  I have never been so impressed and proud of a group of youth- no, scratch that, I have never been so proud of a group of people!

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Last month, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to name October 13th Indigenous Peoples’ Day as well as Columbus Day. The following blog was written by Will Steger Foundation Equity Consultant, Joe Kruse, and makes clear as day the connection between Columbus Day and the destruction of the fossil fuels industry.

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