Stop Tar Sands

“Essentially game over” for the climate — that’s how NASA scientist James Hansen described the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have funneled highly toxic tar sands oil from indigenous lands in Canada all the way to Texas.

After years of organizing and keeping the pressure on, President Obama finally rejected the Keystone XL pipeline in November 2015. But the fight against dirty tar sands is far from over.

Young people across the country are organizing to stop other tar sands infrastructure across the country, like Enbridge's proposed Alberta Clipper pipeline — which would carry as much oil as Keystone XL.

With bold actions, petitions and local organizing, we're building a movement to stop tar sands at the source—and keep all fossil fuels in the ground.

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Growing Youth Leadership

February 18, 2016

Hello, my name is Cassie, and I am a millennial.

My age group is often underestimated. We’re viewed as lazy and are often critiqued for our reliance on technology. In coalitions, the youth voice is often underrepresented and under-heard.

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Today, President Obama stood on our side of history and rejected the Keystone XL pipeline. Make no mistake: I'm grateful to the President, but this victory belongs to our movement. It belongs to you. That's why I want to say, to all of you: thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

The fight against Keystone XL has been a test of faith. A test of faith in ourselves. A test of faith in whether we could turn things around and stop a climate catastrophe.

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There is a spirit of pipeline resistance spreading across our continent. Ranchers in Nebraska have united to protect their land from the Keystone XL pipeline, while college kids a thousand miles away pulled together XL Dissent, the largest act of youth civil disobedience since the Civil Rights movement to defend their future. Texas Tar Sands Blockade fiercely resisted pipeline construction to the South and, currently, in British Columbia, First Nations communities have formed an unbroken wall of resistance to bitumen bound for the Pacific.

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