Building the Green Economy

Our generation faces huge challenges: a failing jobs market, record inequality, and the growing threat of catastrophic climate change. But our generation also has the solutions to address all these challenges at once.

From coast-to-coast, innovative young leaders are organizing across issue lines to build the green economy as an engine for local opportunity, climate and energy solutions, and social justice.

These leaders are gathering in communities throughout the nation to dedicate their lives to creating a more clean, just and prosperous future.

They are pulling together the resources and people to set up organizations, projects and campaigns to make a tangible impact in the world and create a model for others to build on.

They are growing the movement by creating mentorship opportunities to help other youth start projects in their own communities.

They are spreading the fire by sharing their stories through WeArePowerShift, social media, and traditional media outlets.

We will not wait for our elected officials to act — a new wing of the movement is developing; one focused on solutions, social entrepreneurship, and creative tactics. These young people are pioneering solutions and programs in their communities, and blazing a trail for the country to follow.

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As many movement spaces often do, the day began in a circle. One hundred young people – high school students, college students, and twenty-somethings – gathered around a huge parachute laid on the floor with big green letters reading ‘Leave it in the ground! Resist!’ It was early on a Friday morning, and people had traveled from as far as North Dakota, Michigan, and Ohio.

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263 Jim Miller, dupont Manual High School student and KSEC member getting petition signatures for Renewable Energy legislation in KYKentucky has long been known as an energy producing state, since coal was discovered here in 1750. That means that Kentucky started to produce energy that fueled our nation's growth since before our nation even existed! But for some time now, our state's energy economy has been stumbling and failing to deliver a healthy and robust economy with jobs that benefit our communities and environment.

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As I finished watching President Obama lay out his Climate Action Plan in what was to become a historic speech in late June, I battled between two dissimilar and distinct emotions. I was delighted to see the president make seemingly audacious goals for the federal government, homes, and business to decrease emissions by increasing energy efficiency standards and increasing clean energy use. I received a glimmer of hope when the President brought up the Keystone XL pipeline. I couldn’t help but think that if the climate movement kept on pushing, then we could persuade him to deny the dirty pipeline. He even called out big oil companies and promised an effort to eliminate their tax breaks and “invest in the clean-energy companies that will fuel our future”.

All these things and more should have given me a feeling of cheerfulness, yet I found myself closer to state of melancholy.

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