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Building on Will Steger’s experience as a polar explorer and an eyewitness to climate change, the Will Steger Foundation inspires people to embrace the transition to a low-carbon economy through climate literacy, citizen engagement and international cooperation.

The Will Steger Foundation's Emerging Leaders Program aims to educate, empower, and engage a new generation of climate leadership on a local, regional, national, and international scale.

In partnership with the RE-AMP network, the Will Steger Foundation is committed to engaging, and empowering youth leaders on climate change solutions across the Midwest through access to high profile decision makers, funding resources, mentorship, and training and leadership opportunities. Will Steger Foundation Youth Programs Director, Abby Fenton, also serves as the REAMP Youth Coordinator.

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  • Helped secure funding for eight key Midwest youth climate orgs via the RE-AMP network
  • Have been a major driver in building a unified Midwest Youth Climate Coalition
  • Directly engage and empower high school students in the wider youth climate movement