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12/6/13 by Joe Gantz

Last Tuesday, December 3rd, there was an article in the NY Times, from a study by The National Research Council.  It was called, Panel says Global Warming Carries Risk of Deep Changes.
The National Research Council is a nonprofit group in Washington that frequently oversees studies on major scientific questions, and as such has a fairly conservative approach to the reports they put out.

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Written By: Sami Tellatin

Panels are one of the most effective and interactive educational events; in fact, they are my favorite events to attend when I’m curious about a topic. They don’t require your attention for the same amount of time as documentaries do, but still give you several different perspectives on an issue. During portions of a panel event, audience activity is highly encouraged, leaving plenty room for interactive discussion.

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Boulder is seeking your support of a big and critical campaign for clean energy. 

New Era Colorado, a youth led voter group, has launched a terrific Indiegogo crowd funding effort to help us face a hostile corporate attack of our clean energy future.   Right now, our big utility is spending money on a misleading ballot item to reverse a clean energy vote of two years ago (which won by a wider margin than any presidential race in recent memory).  Our aim to create a clean energy utility is sound and researched - and greatly feared by utilities because it's replicable.   I know - utility exec's at conferences ask me about this all the time.  No wonder it's being attacked.

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In a unexpected move, the Board of Governors voted on Thursday to reject Student Green Fund proposals from both Florida A&M University (FAMU) and Florida State University (FSU). The student led initiative would have implemented a new fee of $0.50 per credit hour for each student enrolled at the two institutions, and the money would have gone into a fund specifically for clean energy and sustainability projects on these campuses.

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On Wednesday, April 3rd students from the College of Wooster’s environmental action group, Greenhouse, lead a letter writing campaign in protest of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The letter campaign was in response to passage of the House Concurrent Resolution 9 through Ohio’s House of Representatives. Resolution 9, which was passed on March 20th, is essentially a confirmation of support by the Ohio government of the Keystone XL pipeline and calls on Washington to approve the permit needed to begin the process of construction.

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Crossposted from Checks & Balances Project

Grover Norquist is a familiar player in Washington debates, renowned for convincing nearly every Republican in Congress to sign a pledge to not raise taxes. But Norquist’s main job is not as a principled advocate for his brand of limited government but functioning as a paid lobbyist for whatever corporate interests are ready to write him a check. Norquist is a prominent pundit for Big Pharma and Big Tobacco, and now, he’s also batting for Big Oil.

Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), is at the forefront of the latest fight against renewable energy in the United States.

Conservative front groups and fossil fuel interests are attacking renewable energy standards in a coordinated assault to protect profits generated from fossil fuel-based electricity. Twenty-nine states have renewable energy standards and twenty-two of those have become fierce battlegrounds.

This coordinated attack on clean energy bears resemblance to the effort by Big Tobacco to prevent public health laws from impacting the profitability of tobacco companies. And it turns out, a lot of people working to dismantle renewable energy laws are deeply connected to Big Tobacco. Some, like Grover Norquist, even worked with Big Tobacco on their misinformation campaigns and are now turning their lobbying power to attack state clean energy policies.

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