Moving Beyond Dirty Energy

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Over the course of my years in the youth climate movement, I’ve been reminded many times that this work is filled with trials and tribulations.  From the Bella Centre during COP15, when we didn’t get a fair, ambitious and binding international agreement on global emissions, to Power Shift, where we lobbied our members of Congress to pass domestic climate legislation.  We’ve shouted, rallied and some of us have even gotten arrested to demonstrate we are heading in the wrong direction.

Rarely do we receive any validation that we are actually breaking through the smog and getting on the right path towards climate stability.  In June, we had one of those moments when President Obama laid out a bold plan for addressing the climate crisis by reining in dangerous carbon pollution that spews unregulated into our atmosphere from power plants. And while I certainly did not agree with everything the President put forward, it is beyond clear that carbon pollution must be mitigated.

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Today's post is from Keith Farnish, the author of the just released book, Underminers, A Guide to Subverting the Machine. Keith is a long-time environmental activist and the author of Times Up! An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis.

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