Campus Action & Sustainability

Written by: Amanda Hill, Junior at North Carolina State University, majoring in Horticulture Science. Below Amanda describes her experience and involvement in The Sustainability Fund campaign at NC State. The campaign was organized by Greenpeace Student Board chair and Campus Coordinator Caroline Hansley

It’s funny how a single idea, a single movement can make waves at a University. Here at NC State in Raleigh NC, a recent addition has been made to the fees paid by students through tuition. I know, anytime there is mention of fees, spending or money when talking about students, people seem to get scared and nervous. However, this go around, there is excitement, joy, celebration and hope for a better future.

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Last year, an online course on search engine design engaged over 100,000 students in just one semester. With your help, I think we can use this approach to do something meaningful about our energy and climate problems.

So, starting August 23rd, I am offering a free online course in Sustainable Energy Innovation. You can review the course materials at Previous versions of this course have already led to real-world projects that are reducing our carbon footprint here at Clemson University. However, to really make big change, we need more participants, people like you, to take the course.

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