Building Political Power

Lawmaker Proposes Carbon Pricing Bill

The big news this week: Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) introduced legislation that would…wait for it…tax carbon emissions. McDermott's plan, the Managed Carbon Price Act, would set a price per quarter-ton of CO2, creating an economic incentive to cut pollution. Of the revenue produced, 25 percent would go toward deficit reduction, and 75 percent would go back to the public.

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Romney, Obama Surrogates Debate Energy Policy

On Wednesday, Dan Reicher of the Obama camp squared off with Romney representative Linda Gillespie Stuntz. The topic (for once) was energy policy. Here are the highlights.

Keystone XL: Romney would approve it on "day one"; Obama is "very much moving toward a decision" in the first quarter of 2013. Nothing new there.

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It may not be obvious at first blush, but the immigration and environmental movements share a lot in common. Both are people-powered movements against the interests of a powerful and privileged few. Both struggle against issues that negatively affect the daily lives of everyday people. Both find that their greatest strength lies in organizing against the powers that be. Both movements are fighting uphill battles against ignorance and misinformation.

Because they have so much in common, there’s a lot that they can learn from one another. In light of recent news on both administrative relief for DREAMers, as well as the Supreme Court’s ruling on SB 1070, the time is right to reflect on the immigrant rights movement’s years of action, and what young climate activists can learn and apply in their own work.

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