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Fracking, or 'hydraulic fracturing,' a new form of natural gas drilling developed by Halliburton is sweeping the country and threatening people and communities in its path. The technology is un-tested, un-regulated, and contaminating peoples water with toxic pollution.

From organizing for local bans, to demanding President Obama intervenes in a decision at the Delaware River Basic Council that affects the drinking water of 15 million people, young people across the country are standing up to fracking and demanding better.

Join the conversation on how we can stop fracking and works towards a truly 100% clean energy economy.

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Last Friday night I went to the supermarket to buy several five gallon jugs of water. Being a longtime environmental advocate, it felt wrong to be buying bottled water.  But more than that, it felt strange to be buying water to meet the drinking needs of fellow Americans. Many assume that in the wealthiest country in the world, everyone has access to all of the potable water they could ever need. But that’s not necessarily true for many people living in shale country. The next day, I and 30 New York college students would be visiting Pennsylvania to see how fracking is threatening American communities and, more immediately, to deliver clean drinking water to people that have been living without it for some time.


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53 As our movement gets ready to flood Pittsburgh for Power Shift 2013 on Friday, there’s a critical campaign underway to provide relief and justice to communities that have already been impacted by fracking in the region.

Communities in Dimock, PA, Pavillion, WY and Parker County, TX have had their water contaminated by fracking, and the EPA has failed them — dropping its investigations and leaving them without clean water.

So today we want to lend our support and raise money to provide clean water to families in Pennsylvania who have had their water poisoned by fracking.

We’re working with our friends and allies to kick-off a Clean Water Mob — a major push to raise money to deliver fresh water to communities impacted by fracking AND to raise the demand for the EPA to take real action.

Join the Clean Water Mob: Help deliver clean water to families impacted by fracking!

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