Divest Fossil Fuels

It's wrong to wreck the planet and it's even worse to profit from that wreckage.  The fossil fuel divestment movement is calling on mission-driven institutions to divest from the dirty, dangerous fossil fuel companies that have caused climate catastrophe in their ruthless pursuit of profit. We hold our universities to a higher standard and are demanding they divest from this human rights violating rogue industry.

The fossil fuel divestment movement has spread like wildfire to over 300 campuses and even cities, faith-based institutions, foundations, and pension funds. Our goal is to diminish the influence and power of the fossil fuel industry in the market, our political system, and in the social conscience overall. It's time for our universities to invest in accordance to their mission and in a safe, clean future for current students and future generations.  Five schools have already divested - is yours next?

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As many movement spaces often do, the day began in a circle. One hundred young people – high school students, college students, and twenty-somethings – gathered around a huge parachute laid on the floor with big green letters reading ‘Leave it in the ground! Resist!’ It was early on a Friday morning, and people had traveled from as far as North Dakota, Michigan, and Ohio.

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This blog post was written by Vignesh Ramachandran, a student organizer with Divest Middlebury, on why he’s joining the Our Generation, Our Choice mobilization.

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Growing up just outside of Houston, in a suburb containing the 6th largest refinery in the United States, the fossil fuel industry was all-encompassing in my childhood. From confusing the refineries’ smoke stacks for what I thought were “cloud-makers,” to knowing far too many family members - beside myself - with developed asthma, I was always peripherally aware of the fossil fuel industry, but never considered deeply what it meant to be raised in the center of an extractive economy.

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