For 5 days, Native American tribal leaders, ranchers, and farmers made their united presence known on the National Mall, as they peacefully demonstrated against construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Their message was: Reject and Protect.

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This article was originally published on the Huffington Post on Friday, April 25th, 2014.

We cannot build a thriving future out of burnout and exhaustion.

We cannot build a thriving future out of weary hearts, tired minds and burnt out bodies.

But we're certainly trying to, by the looks of it.

I know this from my work as an organizer in the climate movement -- because that's how I was doing it. That's how we all were doing it.

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Yesterday, the Vassar College Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign, Divest VC, staged a human oil spill outside their Main Building. This event was part of #BeyondEarthDay, a series of actions at colleges and universities across the USA calling on administrators to go beyond campus sustainability initiatives and divest from fossil fuel corporations, as a way to create political change.

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519 Thursday, April 10th, 2014

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Students at AU walked out of classes, held a rally, and marched into a forum with their trustees.





Students at Bowdoin delivered over 1,000 signatures, representing more than half of the student body, to President Barry Mills.




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Despite widespread consensus that climate change is happening and being made worse by humans, fossil fuel companies continue to profit from recklessly emitting greenhouse gases. How to stop this industry run amok that puts our entire planet in jeopardy?

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April has been a month of action toward climate justice at Syracuse University.

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I was deeply honored to spend some time this past week at the Reject and Project encampment on the National Mall. For six days, tribes, farmers, and ranchers (known as the Cowboy Indian Alliance) set up a tipi camp on the Mall, raising awareness about the plight to stop the Keystone XL and heal the tar sands. I had a chance to sit down with some youth participants from tribal and farmer backgrounds and listen to their stories--these youth leaders had some of those deepest resolve and commitment to protect land and famies that I've ever met.

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