We're the Ones We've Been Waiting For

Day in and day out the energy at Power Shift HQ is growing. Deadlines are coming and going faster than we can imagine and, every time we look up, another day has come to an end and we're one step closer to Power Shift 2011. Each and every one of us is reeling with excitement about what's about to happen in just 21 days as we take part in the largest environmental organizing training in history.

It's amazing to see that this energy isn't just in our offices. Power Shift attendees are finding incredibly creative ways to share their stories, take action in their communities, and… to simply get here.

At last weekend's regional training events in the Northeast and California, organizers shared their stories about how they got involved in environmental activism.

My name is Sean Estelle and I am an alumnus of the University of California, San Diego (Class of 2013).  I am the National Divestment Campaigner for Energy Action Coalition, and I’m building a long-term movement for student power to transform our institutions of higher education until they are truly committed to issues of climate justice and social justice.

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624 I am pleased as punch to present this interview with Jodi Stark, a woodworking artist and a hewer of memes for some of Canada's top environmental campaigns. I have been impressed with Jodi's work for some time - there is a wildness to many of her visuals - something that evokes the beautiful, marvel-filled world that we are indeed trying to protect. You can recognize them in your feed after a quick while. I greatly appreciated this interview since I got to learn more about Jodi's perspective, and what fuels her amazing and unique work.

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From skin-peeling to government failure, this film shows how WV community is taking a stand in the face of this ongoing water crisis.

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Spoiler Alert.

May 22, 2014

I think I should say “SPOILER ALERT” at this point, because what I’m about to say will spoil the way you look at your groundwater forever.

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