There is a spirit of pipeline resistance spreading across our continent. Ranchers in Nebraska have united to protect their land from the Keystone XL pipeline, while college kids a thousand miles away pulled together XL Dissent, the largest act of youth civil disobedience since the Civil Rights movement to defend their future. Texas Tar Sands Blockade fiercely resisted pipeline construction to the South and, currently, in British Columbia, First Nations communities have formed an unbroken wall of resistance to bitumen bound for the Pacific.

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636 Examples of “Story Memes” for the People's Climate March – each image features a photo of a community leader and their motivation for getting involved with the March. 

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Yesterday, about 80 clean energy advocates visited the Arlington, Virginia office of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to protest its dirtywork for polluting companies like Dominion Resources, a major utility in Virginia. 

Click here to add your voice: tell Dominion to Dump ALEC!

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New Family Suite Room

September 3, 2014

Dear our Valued Partner ! Warmest Greetings From New Vision Hotel (Hotel in Hanoi , Hotel in Vietnam )

In order to meet family group’s satisfaction , NewVision hotel in hanoi would like to provide new Family Suite Room Types  , which contain from 3 to 5 people each room .

Please see the picture for our new family suite room and advise your booking accordingly in my gallery about hotel .We look forward to welcoming you and your family at NewVision Hotel in Hanoi


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36 Hanoi Old Quarter is located in central of Hanoi capital. This place has attracted so many tourists over the years. Tourist enjoyed to visiting and purchase items by pedicab or walking


Hanoi Old Quarter appear from the 11th century, when Ly Thai To leave Hoa Lu to Thang Long. Hanoi Old Quarter includes 36 streets. Residents from the villages around the Northern Delta region focused on living, creating the most crowded neighborhoods the city.

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A home energy audit is a service that is available to you thanks to the combined efforts of the Connecticut state government and various CT energy suppliers. By having one done, you can find many ways to reduce your energy use; with energy rates in CT reaching all-time highs, finding ways to cut back on energy consumption is a must.

Let’s take a look at the specifics of what a CT home energy audit encompasses.

What they do for your HVAC system

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624 I am pleased as punch to present this interview with Jodi Stark, a woodworking artist and a hewer of memes for some of Canada's top environmental campaigns. I have been impressed with Jodi's work for some time - there is a wildness to many of her visuals - something that evokes the beautiful, marvel-filled world that we are indeed trying to protect. You can recognize them in your feed after a quick while. I greatly appreciated this interview since I got to learn more about Jodi's perspective, and what fuels her amazing and unique work.

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As youth delegates from SustainUS, we work to represent the youth of the US climate justice movement within the United Nations' debates on climate change. In this capacity, we travel to the UN climate change negotiations every year. There, we aim to make change both in the outcome text of the negotiations and in the media narrative surrounding international climate policy. This December, we will attend COP20 in Lima, Peru, and we’re already full of ideas for what we’d like to see. Ask any one of us and we can tell you what we’re hoping for on a personal level.

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Dear President Ángel Cabrera of George Mason University,

As college students of the 21st century, we are well accustomed to budget shortfalls and financial uncertainty. Undoubtedly, the fiscal pressures of running a reputable institution such as George Mason University must be ten-fold compared to those we face as young adults.

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