As youth delegates from SustainUS, we work to represent the youth of the US climate justice movement within the United Nations' debates on climate change. In this capacity, we travel to the UN climate change negotiations every year. There, we aim to make change both in the outcome text of the negotiations and in the media narrative surrounding international climate policy. This December, we will attend COP20 in Lima, Peru, and we’re already full of ideas for what we’d like to see. Ask any one of us and we can tell you what we’re hoping for on a personal level.

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Dear President Ángel Cabrera of George Mason University,

As college students of the 21st century, we are well accustomed to budget shortfalls and financial uncertainty. Undoubtedly, the fiscal pressures of running a reputable institution such as George Mason University must be ten-fold compared to those we face as young adults.

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Climate change is real and its effects are happening now. Not only are the average global temperatures creeping up each year, but unseasonable and unusual weather patterns are occurring across the world. The state of Connecticut has not been exempt from this climate change.
Here is how climate change as affected CT:

Extreme changes in weather patterns

As we mentioned earlier, climate change is causing weather patterns the likes of which has never been seen before. Here are a few of the extreme weather events that have happened in CT in recent years:

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Danish documentary film Expedition to the End of the World chronicles an epic journey by a group of artists, scientists and philosophers to one of the last un-chartered areas of the globe; the rapidly melting massifs of Northeast Greenland.  This extraordinary film takes a philosophical look at humanity’s effect on the ever-changing world around us.  Music by Metallica.

"A GORGEOUS, SURPRISING, meditative film. Opens up one of the world's last unknown places." - Alan Scherstuhl, VILLAGE VOICE 

Upcoming Screenings:

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It's been a hard summer. Climate change contributed to the growth of toxic algae that poisoned the water supply of half a million people in Toledo, Ohio.

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Written by Natalie Cook, YEA! MN Program Coordinator for the Will Steger Foundation

We have wrapped up a fantastic year at YEA! MN.  Our students have wrestled with big issues, learned about organizing, and 606 taken action on projects they care about; all while going to high school, doing their homework, and participating in other community and extra curricular work.  I have never been so impressed and proud of a group of youth- no, scratch that, I have never been so proud of a group of people!

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