About We Are Power Shift

Vision Statement

We Are Power Shift is a grassroots-driven online community organized by Energy Action Coalition that seeks to empower and serve as a hub for the youth climate movement. The site offers activists a forum for discussion and a platform to share resources, swap stories, strengthen relationships, and showcase our diverse movement to the media and the world. The community we create helps us to build political power, harness our collective energy, amplify our message and advance our vision of a clean, just and sustainable future. Join us!

Community Norms

The short version

  1. Contribute, contribute, contribute. Post, comment, ask questions, offer your perspective.
  2. No hate speech! Or spam. (Please)
  3. Stick to the issues and avoid personal attacks.
  4. Contributors are responsible for ensuring they have permission to share the content of their posts (i.e., pictures).

The long version

First and foremost, this is your community and we want to hear from you! You don’t have to be an expert, a climate scientist, or have hundreds of actions under your belt—you just have to have something to say. We want to hear your voice, your story, whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and whatever you’re working on! Please share your thoughts, ideas, and questions through blog posts and in the comments section.

This is a grassroots-driven community of passionate people and we’re hoping to maintain it as an open, welcoming space. We encourage respectful, thoughtful, friendly debate that sticks to the issues and avoids personal attacks. While we believe in freedom of speech, we will not tolerate spam, hate speech (i.e., racism) or other types of attacks within our community.

We are an offline community as well as an online community, and with this spirit in mind, we encourage folks to use their real names to promote open communication. If you created your account with a pseudonym and want to change your profile info, click here.


  • Contributors are responsible for ensuring they have permission to use all content of their pieces (including any copyrights for photos, multimedia, articles, etc.).

  • You should always attribute content to the original owner.

  • Looking for multimedia or photos you can use? Check out Creative Commons (flickr.com/creativecommons; search.creativecommons.org) or government-owned photographs. Also, many images on Wikipedia are in the public domain.

  • Opinions expressed on this site belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the WeArePowerShift.org Leadership Team or Energy Action Coalition. WeArePowerShift.org reserves the right to take down any posts or comments that violate any of the previously stated guidelines.


We encourage folks to use the comments section to engage with each other, to debate issues, to ask questions of the blog poster, or to discuss whatever is on your mind. Use the space to hash it out, make connections with other activists, point community members to related stories or resources, or however you see fit—just please keep it respectful!