About We Are Power Shift

Vision Statement

We Are Power Shift is a grassroots-driven online community organized by Energy Action Coalition that seeks to empower and serve as a hub for the youth climate movement. The site offers activists a forum for discussion and a platform to share resources, swap stories, strengthen relationships, and showcase our diverse movement to the media and the world. The community we create helps us to build political power, harness our collective energy, amplify our message and advance our vision of a clean, just and sustainable future. Join us!

Our History

We Are Power Shift was launched after Power Shift 2011, where 10,000 young leaders came together in Washington, DC to build community and launch campaigns. By sharing our stories, crafting campaigns together and taking action, we showed that we can create a Power Shift. Our stories, and our work, can change the world. That’s why we founded this site. We Are Power Shift is your space to stay connected to the Power Shift movement—to continue telling your story, to collaborate, and to share the work you are doing with fellow organizers across the country.

Get Involved

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  • Before you post, we encourage you to read through our community norms. And if you need pointers on how to get started, check out our Blogging Tips.
  • Read about the Power Shift convergences that gave this space its name—and find out how to plug into the next Power Shift.
  • Check out the campaigns section to learn more about what the youth climate movement is working on, and how you can plug into organizing both online and in your community.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].