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Over the past decade it seems that there has been an uproar among colleges, both big and small, around the conversation of fossil fuel divestment. Over 830 institutions internationally have set out to divest from fossil fuels, whether it’s starting a campaign or winning one.

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Throwback: when we were planning Power Shift 2011, Dan Cannon shared his story from Power Shift 2007. 

Now, we're looking at what's next for Power Shift in 2016 (more on that soon!) — and listening to stories from the thousands of people who have attended Power Shifts in the past. 

So what's your Power Shift story? Share it here!

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The sudden and decisive victory of a student anti-racist campaign that ousted the president and chancellor at the University of Missouri has swept the Mizzou campus into the national spotlight.

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By Kyle Butts, UC Santa Barbara

My name is Kyle Butts. I am an organizer at UC Santa Barbara, and I am a part of history. I don’t say that in a moment of hubris, but rather in recognition of the long story of activism on college campuses across the country. Being a student is my power. 

The last 50 years were filled with movements like the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-war Movement, the Women's Movement, the Environmental Movement, the Latino Movement, the Counterculture Movement, and many more. These movements gained much of their momentum from solidarity on college campuses.


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As many movement spaces often do, the day began in a circle. One hundred young people – high school students, college students, and twenty-somethings – gathered around a huge parachute laid on the floor with big green letters reading ‘Leave it in the ground! Resist!’ It was early on a Friday morning, and people had traveled from as far as North Dakota, Michigan, and Ohio.

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This blog post was written by Vignesh Ramachandran, a student organizer with Divest Middlebury, on why he’s joining the Our Generation, Our Choice mobilization.

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August 25, 2015


When I interviewed with for the position of Executive Director of Energy Action Coalition a few months back I was asked what keeps me motivated.  Without hesitating I said, “The dedication and enthusiasm that young people bring to this work.”  It is days like today - days in which young people demonstrate how much they are willing to risk for the future of our world - that are completely invigorating.

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Hi, I'm Ingrid

August 22, 2015

Hi, I'm Ingrid and I'm fourteen years old. And as a fourteen year old I don't have a lot of authority. I've got parents, teachers, older siblings, employers, that old lady down the street, all telling what to do and when to do it, because according to the popular stereotype, I'm just a silly teenager who only cares about boys and when I can go to the mall next. As a person who doesn't fit this stereotype I can assure you that there is tons of frustration that comes with being a teenager who wants to be taken seriously.

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